Mercedes Benz S Class 2017 – Launch Film

*** Sometimes complexity could be misleading, simplicity at
it’s most complex form could lead to a unforgettable moment. ***

For our S class launch we need to create an engaging way to pre tease the key features of this vehicle. Based on the understanding of these new features and yet to maintain the exceptional taste of luxury we are proposing a circle as our key element to elaborate the essence of the new S class.

Full Credits

Client – Mercedes Benz China
Agency – Kingway China

Creative Direction / Animation Direction / Art Direction – Kaism
Project Manager – David Ran
Art Direction / Style Frames – Kaism, LY
Producers – Vera, GaoYing

3D Animation / Lighting – CK Kong, Weiliat Teoh, Wubin Yow
Lead Compositing – YeuJian, Perez
Finishing Compositor / Color Correction / FX – Kaism, LY


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