Audi E-Tron Launch 2019

The Audi A6L is the most important car for Audi in the biggest car market in the world. In 1 months’ time, we had to come up with the entire stage setup and show production creative. This was all happening at the same time as creating the entire shows content. We Lead multiple teams to make this show happen and it was a amazing amount of work that was done in such a short time.

The setup was designed by kaism @ SBF and included 140-meter-long 7-meter-high wrap round led screen, rising kinetic platforms, 2 axis motion controlled car turntable. 16X 30 K laser projectors and 3 30 watt kvant lasers and a giant kinetic platform for the audience of 500 pax. Under a short time, we were able to pull this off with a massive team. We were honored to create this mile stone launch for Audi.

Opening – The Turning Point

Moving into an electrified world, Audi is at a critical turning point. 100 YEARS of AUDI meets electric. It is a evolutionary moment for Audi. We start of just right in the moment of this very transformation of the brand.
Below are scaled down preview

Unveiling Moment – Electric Has Gone Audi

The Fully electric Audi E–Tron unveiling will have a few specific features highlighted in our unveiling moment. An immersive experience in electric mobility from Audi and the reveal of E-Tron to our audience. The main content shows the intense testing of making sure Audi E-Tron is the best electric car for all conditions whilst showcasing the ultimate driving experience and premium details of our hero the E-TRON.
Below are scaled down preview

Full Credits

Client – FAW VW Audi
Agency – FF Extraordinary Group
Show Director – Sebastian

E. Producer – Jason Kirby
Project Management – David Ran
Lead Producer – Charlotte Chong
Producer – Daniel Chia
Logistic Producer – Crystal Gao, Sam Chee

Creative Director – Kaism Lim
Animation / VFX Director – Kaism Lim
Art Director – Kaism Lim
Style Frame Design – Feng Hang, Iris Chen
Additional Graphic Support – Fantasy Chao

Script Development – Dong Xu, Mika
CG Leads – Sun Cheng Peng, Tao Zi, CK Kong
Lead Compositors – Yeujian Lim, Syazwan Nazaruddin, An Qi, DB Gao, Zhang Min Min, Mansell Chan, Anna Ching
Compositors – Fu Kun, Sue Sue, Feng Hang
Asst. Compositor Support – Madnas, Azhan Karim, Iris Chen, Oliver Te
3D Animation – Sufie, Kee Li Ming, Chan Yong Hong, Jia Zi Feng, Chen Zong Yu
Asst. CG Artist – Syed

Video Editor – Kelvin Leow
Music Composer – Marco Lehmann, Alex Klingle
Sound Editor – Wu Shuai

VR Shoot Director – Kaism Lim
VR Shoot Producer – Sam Chee

BTS Director – Sam Chee
BTS Videographer – Inno Stuart
BTS Editor – Kelvin Leow

Collaborate with partners (Super Bonfire Group)

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