About Us

Our Philosophy

Our passion is for great ideas, beautifully executed, that engage audiences irrespective of platform, device or venue.

We collaborate with groundbreaking directors, creative agencies and visionary brands, who trust us to bring their ideas to life. We value the two-way nature of these partnerships, understanding that our clients give us opportunities to improve our craft and astound their audiences.

Though we are renowned for our unrivalled creative expertise, we are just as inventive with our workflow solutions and pride ourselves on our impeccable account management and client service.

Moving Apes as a recognised global brand for creating seamless visual effects, but we are also leaders in design, animation, live action content direction, VFX brand accounts, versioning and global adaptations, digital content creation and distribution. Our ability to package multiple services allows us to deliver both schedule and budget efficiencies and to create with the multi-platform world in mind. This helps clients create great looking content for any screen.

Our reputation is built on our people. We find, train and nurture the most talented creative, technical and production teams in the industry and our scale enables us to work individually, in teams or as an international network via our bases in Malaysia.

What We Do


Our artists have been creating world-class visual effects for over 10years. We help to shape some of the most exciting imagery on our screens.

Moving Apes offers visual effects partnerships that are built on creative excellence and cutting-edge technologies. We value the two-way nature of these partnerships, understanding that our clients (and their clients) give us opportunities to improve our craft.

Our passion for quality and the international scale of our operation makes us unique. From the design of simple characters to the creation of sports stadiums filled with thousands of CG ‘fans’, our supervisors, producers and artists support all stages of your production, from pre-visualisation and conceptual artwork, shoot supervision, 3D, 2D and color grading through to delivery of the finished project.

Moving Apes’s artists combine their passion and skill with a wide variety of innovative technologies to exceed expectations, whatever the brief.

What We Do

Design And Animation Direction

We are a collective of animation directors and designers who specialize in story telling through animation and vfx. We deliver a boutique, creative production service with the integrity and expertise. Our objective is to create the best work and the best experience for all of our partners.

Visual development and exploration starts in our Design Studio. Our expertise includes motion graphics, character development, typography, illustration, game art and programme-generated visuals. Designers work on rapid, lightweight software to invent reference looks, style frames, motion, textures and concept art.Depending on the nature of the work, a project may be executed entirely in the Design Studio or it can expand across a fuller range of Moving Apes’s sophisticated pipeline, which includes network and desktop solutions in 2D, 3D, motion graphics and editorial.

Combining technological innovation with unparalleled talent and resources, our Games team offers developers, publishers and marketing teams the full range of Moving Apes’s VFX solutions – from live-action production to full CG. Bringing Moving Apes’s heritage of filmic craft to bear, we produce outstanding in-game content, cinematics, trailers and TV spots, working in creative partnership with our clients from concept to launch, ensuring a marked difference between the offerings of our clients and that of their peers.

What We Do

Color Grading

Colour Grading at Moving Apes ensures consistent brand quality and protects the integrity of the ‘look’ of a campaign. This craft takes dedicated apprenticeship before mastery and we’re proud to have cultivated some of the best talent in the industry. Our colourists are responsible for many of the defining looks of the past twenty years and their ability to combine creativity and technical ability will ensure a memorable visual context for your brand. Our suites are connected across our three offices so you can grade in one city while viewing in another.

Our Data Lab provides consultancy and processing for all data-acquisition activities (Canon, RED, Arri D21, Phantom, Genesis, etc.) covering shoot, editorial, colour grading, online and VFX. Our team uses tools including Assimilates, Scratch, DVS Clipster and, in conjunction with our Colour Grading department, has at its disposal Film Light, Pandora and Digital Vision’s RED solutions. The Data Lab lives within the colour grading environment ensuring optimum image quality, verified by experienced colourists.

Our People

YeuJian Lim

YeuJian Lim

Co-founder Of MovingApes andCreative Director

YeuJian is hands-on the overall Creative visual appearance and Digital Compositing.
CK Kong

CK Kong

Co-founder Of MovingApes and VFX Supervisor

CK is hands-on CG Lighting & Rendering. Specialize on CG visual effects like fire, smoke, water & explosions.


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